Old School


At our church we looked into how many disposable containers we were using in a year... for a small church of about 350 people, we went through $1500+ of containers a year.  We already had 'real dishes' so we started using them with the commercial dish washer/sanatizer we already had (needed for a day care/school), so even assuming we used another $500 in utilities, we still save $1000 in a year.

We used the $1000 to help replace lights to more efficient, put in programmable thermostats and light timers, etc.

As far as the coffee cups, many of us started bringing our own reusable travel mugs.  That keeps down the 'splashes' and un-reported cleanups in our building and lowers our trash generation as well as the energy savings.

Our men's group meets at a local coffee house, and most of us bring our own travel mug.  Once the coffee house understood what we are doing, they don't mind filling our cups rather than theirs. ... A win for us, the environment, and our pocket book. ... Several of the men are in the 80+ generation, getting them to change habits was slow, but once they understood it isn't just a fad, they come around too.  They just take a bit more gentile convincing!

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