The ThinCup can be opened to be made flat when empty. This makes it easy to clean and carry.

  • Easy to clean - even a wet tissue can clean it 
  • Easy to carry - will fit in a book or a file (or your iPad case)
The idea is the design: 

  The isosceles trapezoid of the sides is the familiar shape of the cup. So, the Thin Cup can be used in any existing cup holders. 

  The design brings multiple padding on the sides to protect the hands from the heat. This reasons that the material can be very thin when opened.

  The ThinCup can be manufactured cheaply using existing materials and technology. The materials can define cost of the cup. Only durable plastic for the most thrifty kind where as the posh ones can be made out of memory plastic, have fancy designs on the outside or metal plates on the inner sides. The use of magnets can ensure the cup stays in shape. 

  The ThinCup might not keep your coffee warm through the day like a flask. It doesn't aim to be a flask. Not being very expensive, it can be sold at the counter like reusable shopping bags. 
  The extra surface area creates a lot of place to advertise creatively, this radically impacts the effective cost of the cup.

  So, do you like it? Do you want your ThinCup?

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