Each cup has its own story...


Each cup has ist own story�


The basic idea is not to produce new cups, but to use those forgotten ones, everybody has at home and give them a new purpose.


The campaign aims at all coffee drinkers who want to share their �feel good moments� with a community of kindred spirits, but meets also those who prefer the convenience of a coffee-to-go.


It further raises a simple cup into the position of a cult object by giving it an identity and following it on its way around the globe.


This is how the deposit system works:


-          Take one of your cups to the coffee house.

-          The cup gets an ID-number which is placed on a dishwashersafe sticker on bottom.

-          Have it filled with coffee and pay for the drink only � no deposit needed.

-          For a small fee a flexible silicone lid can be purchased to take your coffee with you.



-          Go to the coffee house and get a registered cup plus silicone lid. You pay for the coffee and the deposit for the cup and lid.

-          Keep the cup and increase your assortment of different cups



-          Take the dirty cup and lid to any partaking coffee house and get the deposit back or get another cup and pay for the drink only.


This is how the community system works:


-          Enter the ID-number of your cup into the website and tell its story. (Where did you get it, was there a special experience you made with it) You could even load a photo, showing you and your cup in a special surrounding.

-          You can earn credits for any story or photo you share.

-          You can earn credits for the miles your cup  travels around the globe.

-          The account of your cup will be still available to you after you have turned it back, so you can follow it on its way around the world.

-          By entering the ID-number of any registered cup, you can see, where it comes from and what story it has to tell.


Ideas to be developed:


-          A simple cup can become famous by travelling the longest way or going to the most interesting places (partaking in an expedition to the North Pole, surviving a pirate attack on a boat trip, being used by the American President etc.).

-          Travellers don´t need to hunt for special souvenirs for their loved ones � they just have to buy a cup at a partaking coffee house. By this way cups can cross even continents.


The Word-Cup-Award:


A special prize could be given to the owner of the most famous cup or the person with the most credits. Here the pun of the brand name could well be developed further�


Donated cups:


Companies could donate cups with their logo printed on them and get special rewards for their employees.


For the complete rewarding system see the relevant chart above.


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