You already own a coffee mug.  I know you do.  You probably have like 20 sitting around your house.  Why do you want Starbucks to make a new "green" coffee cup?  Only because you forgot to bring your mug from home????

MUG SHOT gives you a way to officially register your favorite mug at Starbucks.  Every person is different, and everyone uses different mugs.  That's O.K.  Just find your favorite mug and register it at Starbucks.

MUG SHOT is a dishwasher safe sticker that has an RFID tag printed on the back.  These are very cheap to make.  Once you get your MUG SHOT sticker, you stick it on your favorite mug THAT YOU ALREADY OWN.  Now you can register your RFID at Starbucks.

Starbucks will remember how many times you use your mug, what your favorite coffee is, and which store location is your favorite.   More importantly, Starbucks will give you a financial incentive to keep using the same mug.  Why would they do that?  Because you are saving them paper cups (and it makes them look green and awesome!).

Don't let your mug go around without identification- get a MUG SHOT!!!!!

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