Starbucks Rewards and Sweepstakes


A rewards based endeavor augmented by sweepstakes targeted at substantially reducing consumption of Starbucks' coffee cups, lids and insulation sleeves. The idea proposes that when a reusable container is used. Rather than credit 10 cents outright to customer (existing Starbucks policy), credited customer 10 SBR's (Starbucks rewards) and 1 sweepstakes entry per each qualifying purchase. Please find detailed below two solutions: Hosted and In-house. 

How it Works - In-house Solution

  1. Customer purchases a recyclable reusable "Starbucks" container; containers will have a �unique� semi-permanent or permanently affixed barcode.
  2. Using unique barcode number attached to container customer activates SBR account via Internet.
  3. Each qualifying purchase results in:
  • Barcode (number) scan at checkout
  • Ten SBR's "automatically" credited to customer's account. 
  • A Sweepstakes entry.
How it Works - Hosted Solution
  1. Customer activates a SBR account at 
  2. Each qualifying purchase where a recyclable reusable is used results in: SBR code issued to customer at checkout (on receipt, sticker, etc.).
  3. Via Internet customer subsequently accesses SBR account "manually" enters SBR code provided at checkout, the result: 
  • Ten SBR's credited to customer's account.
  • A Sweepstakes entry.
  1. Reduce use of paper cups, lids and insulation sleeves.
  2. Cost effective.  
  3. Carbon Neutral: Decreased demand/production decreases demand on recycling/manufacturing infrastructure.
  4. Easily implemented - uses existing infrastructure.
  5. Ability to increase value of rewards to encourage uptake.
  6. Value Added: 
  • SBR credits will be "automatically" applied to customer's SBR account upon making qualifying purchase with a Starbucks container, this is not the case when using a generic container....
Crediting 10 SBR's in contrast to 10 cents....   

  • Barcode affixed to Starbucks containers can be leveraged to facilitate payment for Starbucks products, like a gift card.
The Sweepstakes
As provided, each week a winning code would be randomly selected, the winner will be given the option:
  • To take the weekly sweepstakes prize 
  • Forfeit weekly prize to be finalist in annual sweepstakes where on Earth Day 56 individuals will have a chance to win the grand prize or 1 of 2 lesser prizes.
Required Resources
Software and associated applications

The Numbers
In 2009 Starbucks served approximately 26.3 million or 1.5% beverages made in store in reusable containers. Starbucks deducts 10 cents from beverage cost for use of reusable container. As a result, in 2009 Starbucks let $2.6 million in dimes walk out the door�. It�s estimated that Starbucks could have cut the $2.6 million lost to nearly half with a rewards program. 

Moreover, Starbucks estimates that by 2015 it will serve 23.5% or 618 million more made in store beverages in reusable containers.  Resulting in $61.8 million (off the top) in dimes walking out the door�. It�s estimated that Starbucks could cut the projected $61.8 million loss conceivably by as much as half with rewards.

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