Manufactured from one component and 100% recyclable, the UNE coffee cup rethinks existing disposable coffee cups from the ground up.

The unique one part injection moulded coffee cup addresses a number of environmental issues with existing disposable coffee cups without affecting existing user patterns or commercial use of the product.

The UNE coffee cup is intended to be implemented as part of a larger manufacturing and recycling system which reduces the environmental foot print of disposable coffee cup containers at a number of levels. Environmental improvements to initial manufacture, product packaging, distribution chains, shipping/transportation logistics, product weight and recycling ensure that the UNE coffee cup dramatically improves existing environmental impacts of disposable coffee cup containers.

Manufactured from black durable/flexible polypropylene the UNE coffee cup is both hard wearing and optimized for recycling. Injection moulded with thin wall PP the UNE coffee cup features rolled rims for drinking comfort and an innovative hinging lid design. Additionally by utilizing splaying uniform ribs the UNE coffee cup remains safe to hold with hot liquids and is inherently strong.

In addition to the product improvements the UNE coffee cup also offers realistic opportunities for in house (café) collection units for coffee cup recycling.

The UNE coffee cup, one part, 100% recyclable.

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