The solution is simple.
Combines the rigidity, and insulation capabilities of an eco-friendly Molded Pulp Cup, with a thin, removable, recycle-able, liquid barrier plastic Liner.
Consumers can be given discounts, points on their Starbucks card for recycling the cups in-store.

The basic user experience:

  • Customer buys good coffee in eco-friendly cup
  • Drinks coffee - happy feeling of good coffee, eco-friendly cup
  • Finishes coffee, separates pulp cup and liner
  • Scans pulp cup barcode which credits the users Starbucks Card
  • Drops pulp cup and liner in separate in-store bins (if still in-store - or keep till next visit) - active involvement in recycling - happy feeling
The solution uses recycled materials, and is itself recycle-able.
The solution uses existing materials and processing techniques - molded pulp cup, plastic liner.
Existing, convenient, vendor and customer experiences.
Active, simple and happy customer involvement in recycling.
Providing a barcode inside the cup, encourages consumers to separate the pulp cup and plastic liner while in-store, so they can scan and add a credit to their Startbucks Card.

Reduce Waste:
  • Uses recycled materials
  • All materials are recycleable or degradable
  • Barcoded pulp cup encourages consumers to recycle while in-store, maximises recycling
Resources Required:
  • Molded Pulp - commonly used packing material, environmentally friendly
  • Thin Plastic Liner - no need for structural support from the plastic significantly reduced need for amount of plastic required
  • Barcode printing on inside of cup
  • Barcode scanning equipment above recycle bins in-store
  • Infrastructure to link barcode scan results to users Starbucks Card
New or Existing Capabilities:
  • Molded Pulp - production / recycling processes well known
  • Thin Plastic Liner - production / recycling processes well known
  • Opportunities for the development and application of new, thin plastic liner materials as technology evolves
  • Opportunities for the development of new techniques to fabricate together
  • Barcoding, Starbucks Card infrastructure well known
Whole Experience:
Coffee Shop
  • Cups purchased as per existing disposable cups
  • Need for separate recycling bins in-store
  • Need cup barcode scan equipment installed instore
  • Need mechanism to link cup barcode with Starbucks Card - give each Starbucks card a barcode
  • Provide educational material instore, throughout the community
  • Potential long-term cost savings through use of cheap, recycled materials
  • Good PR - good corporate citizen
  • Recycling credits encourages customers to drink more Starbucks coffee - customer loyalty
  • Same processes as before
  • Good self image - helping the environment - happier baristas
  • Same coffee drinking experience
  • Same convenient, on demand coffee purchasing experience
  • Good feeling of drinking coffee in an 'eco-friendly' cup
  • The cup looks like it is eco-friendly, made of molded pulp
  • 'Simple, Active, recycling involvement' through the process of separating the pulp cup / plastic and disposing in separate in-store bins
  • Overall positive environmental experience, contributing to environmental protection
  • Rewarded with credits on their Starbucks Card for recycling
  • Will receive (ideally) separated in-store recycleables directly from Coffee Shops
  • Existing paper recycling processes should be able to easily separate paper pulp and plastic materials
ps - thanks for the comments, and the information from other ideas (i.e. Random Return Rewards)

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