Collabo Cup


There has been much talk here about collaboration - In fact Betacup encourages "A different contest format...." - namely collaboration - Some of us are of the like mind that there is value in collaborating to solve this problem. With the clock ticking (approx 30 days left), the time is now for a small group of individuals to apply a collaborative effort towards a solution.  

How to Apply
If interested drop a "Notice of Intent to Collaborate" in my box here on Jovoto. The winnings will be divided equitably among four individuals. Hurry space and time is limited - this is not first come first serve. More details will follow after we know who the players are. 

Our Challenge
We are looking for team players - Our challenge: Develop a concept comprised of a cross section of team member's submissions - then combine through collaboration our efforts to create a rock solid idea. 

Serious Business
Although this is serious business to the true creative this will be "fun" - like kids playing on the playground. OK lets handle business and do what we do - Create stuff!