LOLE CUP, Loquat Leaf Cup


Lole cup is a transportable cup for  coffee consumption.
Its eco-friendly design try to decrease waste in production and after-use phases.
Let's give back to nature what is of nature. In that way we can develop and maintain a virtuous green cycle approach.

There are two ways to make a cup out of loquat leaves: the first one involve undamaged fresh leaves, attached together with no-toxic water based glue to make a uniform sheet of loquat leaves. This one would later been cutted and transformed for achieve the cup form. Once the leaves are dried the product is ready to be used. The second way consist to let the leaves dry first, crumble them until the resulting matrix joined with some water based glue is easy to model in a cup form.

In these way there is even not necessity to cut trees down form the pulp, we can just take the leaves before/after the autumn.
Obviously the product will cost little more than that already on the market but this is the cost of improvement.

Initially could be interesting to see consumers  having the choice to choose a more sustainable container for drink their coffee.
After Lole Cup has complete its mission can be easily trough away in an organic bin.

In the end is useful to remember that the loquat tree leaf contains a lot of wealthy substances which can be used to reduce inflammation, to release antioxidant agents and in general to purify the organism.