How to reduce the waste from coffee-to-go paper cups?

By stopping using paper.


Cococup is a solution that is using coconut shell as a base material for the cup, it is natural, abundant and can be reused, while the lid is still plastic because it has several advantage like being clean for customer as it is in contact with his lips.


Cococup is not asking a huge effort for the client, it is still convenient not to carry a portable reusable cup with us all the time even how tiny it can be... we can forgot it, or we can have a sudden hurge for a coffee without having a reusable cup in-hand. Moreover, our supermarkets also asked us to carry
reusable shopping bag to save plastic bag waste. It is just not convenient.

It is still more easy to go to a Starbucks coffee, take a cup, drink, and throw it away. Now, how do we adjust to that behaviour and how can we influence it even a little, with a solution that can be applied right now?


The coconut fruit can be has hundred of uses, the choir can be used for yarns, rope, bristles, door mat, isolation, compost, flower pot, etc... The flesh
can be used as food, or into cosmetics, soap etc... the juice can simply be drinked. While the shell can have various uses as well, candles, bird house, jewelry, flooring, etc... Everything in the coconut can be used, so there is no waste when making a cococup...


When the customer buy a coffee to take away, he will be given a cococup, that have received a organic wax treatment inside so the liquid taste will not be affected and be clean.. and put a plastic lid on it, that makes it convenient to walk with the cup while keeping it hot. The user can throw away the cococup like he will do with any paper cup, but insted of doing it in any trashbin, we ask him to throw it in a special bin.. the cocobin, that's all. A minor change in the customer behaviour, not too restictive but at the same time something he can feel proud of.

The cocobin are collected by nearby coffee staff, and are returned to the store. In store, the cocobin is washed and crushed into tiny pieces, and every store have a molding machine that is making brand new cococup for next customer...


The cococup itself keep the basic structure of current paper coffee cups, it's a cup with a lid. The cup material will make it a dark brown colour with a slight curve to remind the curves of the original coconut fruit, it is much more sensual and warm, and the inner white layer of organix wax makes the overall recognizable and iconic, linking immediately the customer with the raw material used.