The first part of my idea is not anything new but it would be for Starbucks. I would recommend that the customers that are going to be staying at the store to use porcelain mugs that Starbucks would have for study groups or people that are going to be spending long periods of time in the store. This would save a lot of paper and would cut down on waste. My next idea is that Starbucks should use all the coffee bags all the paper containers that hold Chi, syrups, coffee filters, coffee bean bags everything and anything use in transport of Starbucks products to the individual stores can be used as to go coffee cups. This way Starbucks would get more use out of the packaging as well as a double usage out of something that is just getting thrown into the landfill anyway. My other alternative is to use glass. It is a old solution to a new problem. I feel that glass is less harmful to the environment, and is much easier for people to recycle so if Starbucks used glass as to go cups I feel that that would be better for the environment then paper, and the threat of deforestation. The way it would work would be that customers that came back over and over again throughout the day could bring back the glass and the Barista could take the old glass coffee cup and place it in  a dish washer, and thus give the customer a new cup. The people that did not come back could either keep the cup or recycle it.  It is so easy for people to throw out a paper cup these days I see Starbucks cups left in stores on the side of the road all over. I have noticed that I do not see very many glass containers left around or on the side of the road. I feel that people are more concerned with glass and that maybe because it is breakable but whatever it is it is not littering the earth. I also think that Glass should be used for the ethos water bottles as well the plastic bottles are also a huge environmental pollutant as well as bad for people with Polycarbonate/BPA or bisphenol A levels. I feel that a lot of the people that go to Starbuck are very much into the quality and not the quantity so they will appreciate the change for a better Starbucks product. 

Written By Cornelia Royal