Upcycle Coffee Containers into Art


Recycling Creatively...I think a fabulous way to not have these Coffee to Go Drink Containers go into the landfill, is to make them into  Art. The items used were from Starbuck's and include their Cardboard coffee cups (roses and background texture), plastic cup lids (background, foreground and small blossoms), cardboard 'hot' sleeves (background and leaves), wood stir sticks (background and stems), paper napkins (background).....collaged onto art canvas.  If we could show everyone to make a rose from their cups instead of throwing them away, not only would we be saving them from filling up our landfills,  what a beautiful world we would be in.
My idea:
#1 To create art work made out of the Cardboard Coffee Cups for each Starbucks Store.  To show communities how to Recycle Creatively.
#2 To publish a hardbound book with many designs/ideas to show individuals how they can recycle into art and useful items using cardboard coffee cups, plastic lids and other accessories. Easy enough for children to make yet sophisticated for adults.
Artwork by EcoHeidi

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