Re-punch is a pretty straight forward & realistic solution to the disposable cup problem outlined in the design brief.

The program encourages consumers to re-use their cups through the use of hole punching.

Every time you return with your same cup, you get a (custom) hole punched on the bottom rim of your cup receive a larger percentage off.

On the sixth return, the retailer could offer a free drink.

* Waste Reduction � Repunch creates an incentive to reuse the to-go cup. If everyone participated in this program it would reduce waste by Five times.

* Resources Required � The program needs two things to get started. One is to print hole punching areas on the cup. The second requirement is that the retailer must create a custom hole punch die.

* New or Existing Capabilities � The program is a very analog solution to a complex problem. The concept uses existing manufacturing infrastructure. In this way, Repunch could be implemented for a relatively low cost.

* The Whole experience � This concept will depend on the customer�s willingness to reuse their coffee cups. The cups are relatively durable and as long as they are rinsed out after drinking the cups can be used multiple times.  

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