Compostable Cups


There is a company out there sells products a coffee house would need such as Starbucks. These are a few of items that they carry:
Corn Cups - Cold Beverages - Compostable
These clear corn plastic cups are 100% compostable.  With the same look and feel as clear plastic cups, our PLA cups will completely compost under commercial composting conditions in just 45-60 days.
Paper Hot Cups 
Need coffee cups?  Compostable hot cups are the perfect choice for all your hot beverage needs.  Made with a PLA coating on the inside that is completely heat-stable, these cups will fully compost under commercial composting conditions in about 60 days.
Wooden Stir Sticks
Wooden stir sticks are the natural way to stir your coffee or tea.  These stir sticks can be composted after they are used so they naturally return to the earth.
Biodegradable Coffee Sleeves - Eco-Grip® Hot Cup Sleeves
If you sell hot beverages, you need thermal cup protection. EcoGrips® hot cup sleeves are the best choice to protect your customer's hands.  Made using recycled content, our sleeves are compostable in commercial composting conditions. 

All these products are made from nature why not return them to nature. You find these products @ Http:// Please check it out. Also also all these products can have the business logo on them.