Give and Take Coffee



58 billion paper cups were tossed last year. Let's give back to the environment every time we take from it! Give and Take Coffee is a cup concept that turns itself into a flower vase for a cross-genre cafe that serves coffee in a gardening environment.  Use the gardening cafe's shovels and soil to plant the sleeve-embedded seed into the used coffee cup.  Let's redefine what trash is and improve public awareness of its forgotten accumulation.  Traditional coffee cups are disposed into trash bags where they become invisible and quickly forgotten about.  With Give and Take Coffee Cups, they are proudly displayed on cafe windowsills to receive sunlight while window-advertising its own awareness campaign.  The "garbage" now houses a lovely budding plant that is later donated - perhaps involving itself with local charity organizations to have them planted on lawns of nearby public schools.  Let's give back!

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