Reusable Cup


It's simple and requires no fancy media file attached.

Do away with the disposable cup, be bold and make a stand... the press you'll get from doing so will be worth every degree of risk you take in being so bold and every cent you might initially miss as people adjust to your new system.

It's not entirely new to offer a reusable cup, a cup that once purchased can be brought back for your daily drink, a cup that if reused gets 'friend' rates for a fill.

What would be entirely groundbreaking is to now say to the world, "this is the only way we do it now! Be our friend and be a good friend to the planet".

Friends will gladly pay the initial premium when they know the savings on future cups and the branding on each cup is their way of making a statement they are proud of. The marketing for you is taken to the street more than ever as each cup remains on a desk, in the hand, in a window, on a table... anywhere and everywhere except the bin.

Make it happen, be a good friend.

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