100 pennies in a cup


This is some what of a simple idea.  It is not using a new resource or a technology.  It is more of a concept.  This is how it goes:

  1.  bring Starbucks cup filled with 100 pennies
  2.  Starbucks donates those pennies to some kind of environmental charities
  3.  In return, you get a free tumbler or a mug with saying like,"I saved the      earth with Starbucks".
  4.  This tumbler or mug will have their own cup # and cup security code.  You    register your cup online or at the Starbucks store.  You will then load your cup with the moeny amount as you please, either online or at the store.  This is the same concept as the Starbucks Card.  You will also get the same benefits as the Starbucks card. For the Starbucks card benefits info: starbucks.com/card/rewards.
  5. Top of all the same benefits as the Starbucks card, you will get 10 cents off your drinks by bringing your "I saved the earth with Starbucks" mug or tumbler.

Waste reduction:
This will greatly reduce paper cup usage.  People will start bringing their "I saved the earth with Starbucks " mug or tumbler by their choice.  Starbucks could also make less plastic gift card.  Instead, they could make preloaded gift mug or tumbler.

Resources required & existing capabilities:
You really don't need new resources or technology.  Instead of card number and card security code on the Starbucks card, they just need to put those number and the code on the bottom of the mug or the tumbler.  Starbucks just needs to incorporate their mugs and tumbers with the cup number.

The whole experience:
By participating on bringing in 100 pennies in a cup, the customers will feel that they are being hands on about saving our environment.  They will feel proud but also start feeling more conscious about the environment.  They will also feel proud to carry "I saved the earth with Starbucks" mug or the tumbler.  By just carrying "I saved the earth with Starbucks" tumbler/mug,It could also educate other people and make them aware about their choices.  On top of all that, the customers are getting great benefits and bargains.  You could say that they are both environmentally conscious and pocket conscious people.