the hot clay cup best


actually dear sir /madam the problem you are trying to solve was already solved centuries ago in asiatic countries like india,china ,etc ie we have a better solution this is the moct cheapest idea ever possible as we know clay is a common ingriedient everywhere in asia or safest or ecological or sustainable and the most cheap upgrade actually in india claypots , clay lids are very easy to manufacture as the we make clay mugs for serving cold sweetcurd in india .also commonly called "kullad" in hindiis the economical and sustaining way to giveaway baverages in india ,thats why these are made of clay so they easily mix in environment this even makes handling hot coffee easy because this increases the surface area of adsorbtion hence cooling easily it costs approximately 50paise inr ie 1 rupeee=100 paisa .thats why cheap ,it takes around 20 seconds in total manufacture by hand .easiest way i think and it takes very low upgrade costs for your papercup machines .however this was never used by private companies however urbanindians use this very commonly