Evolve Coffee Cup


Evolve Coffee Cup

Problem:There is a major problem in the United States: 58 billion coffee cups are thrown away every year.

Why is this?Disposable coffee cups are convenient and can be easily thrown away. The travel mug, the current alternative, has no real benefit, it does not form a strong bond with the user, and does not portray who the user is or what they stand for.

The Evolve Coffee Cup:is a travel mug that gives the user a reason to want to use it. Over time it grows with the user and creates a way for the user to make a statement about their sustainable beliefs.

Create a personal bond with your coffee cupThe taste and aroma of your favorite brew will become more and more predominant every time you use your evolve cup. This is because of the wood stirrer, which hands inside your cup from the underside of the lid. The stirrer's porous material will soak up the taste and aroma, making it more enjoyable and personal while you're drinking and afterwards.

Make a statement about what you believe inEvery time the user buys coffee with the evolve coffee cup at his or her favorite coffee shop, the wood sleeve gets a branded logo. Once the sleeve has filled up with logos then it can be exchanged for a new one and put on display in the coffee shop.  For each new sleeve, the mug gets a logo, reminding the user how many disposable cups they chose not to  use. This allows the user to make a statement about their sustainable beliefs and allows the coffee shop to make a statement as well.

Take your first sip with confidenceUsually the first sip of coffee is too hot and burns your mouth. Thermochromatic paint on the ceramic cup becomes more vivd as the temperature of the coffee drops to the ideal drinking temperature. Giving the user confidence when they take their first sip.

Smarter packaging form = smaller carbon footprintThe square form of the evolve cup results in better box packaging compared to the circular form of traditional cups.

To summarize, the main goal of the Evolve Cup is to act as a sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups.  It will accomplish this by giving the user a reason to want to use it (the wooden stirrer) over disposable coffee cups and a way for the user and coffee shops to express their beliefs to others and the community (the molded sleeve).  Hopefully creating a trend or movement to stop using disposable coffee cups.

Create a bond | Make a statement | Be sustainable