ECOmpromise works because it�s simple and responsible. It�s a compromise: the customer buys a quality reusable cup and the coffee shop provides an ecologically responsible lid and sleeve. It resembles a contract, in which both parties agree that working together is the best way to save our natural resources.  

ECOmpromise is easily marketable and good for the environment. The cup sizes could be standardized�allowing customers to take their own cups to different locations/stores/brands where they would then be able to find the right sized lids. The branding can be communicated entirely on the sleeve. Not having to produce disposable cups means less cost/waste for the provider.

As a daily coffee drinker I�ve tried a number of different options to get my fix. To save money, I�ve brought my own coffee, cream and sugar to the office. What I�ve found is that Starbucks makes my coffee the way I like it and they offer a discount if you bring in your own cup. Finding a cup that is both easy to clean and travel friendly is hard�ECOmopromise solves this problem.

I�m not alone; I see many of the same faces at my local branch every morning. To their credit some of my co-enthusiasts do have reusable containers, even the ones that get custom drinks. I�ve seen what old latte can look like, and I feel safer throwing mine away. But, one insight I gathered from my time as a DYI office barista is that cleaning a simple cup is no big deal. In fact it was a little comforting knowing everything will be fresh for tomorrow.

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