Upcycled "MugSuit"


Helping Carry Breakable Cups around

The new generation single-walled EcoCup is lighter than its predecessor, the double-walled "I am not a Paper Cup".

Other competition entries have also suggested using pottery or glass for a reusable mug.

I use the EcoCup Mark I regularly, and there is still an issue about the fact that you can't really sling it in your bag, or even handbag (not that I own a handbag).

This is proposing that a container made out of thick wet suit material could be made in cup form, snugly and completely covering the empty EcoCup or similar product, including its silicone lid.  There would be a nice chunky zip which would zip up the "MugSuit" (a zipper on both sides, perhaps with material tags on like a proper wetsuit!).

People could then attach the mug to the inside of their bags using a carabiner.

It may also come with something that sticks to the inside of people's bags/handbags and holds the mug in place, perhaps with velcro.

Some rucksacks have side pockets for water bottles - the carabiner would allow people to use these side pockets without worrying about the mug falling out.

I hope that Looptworks would consider making this product - I'm a big fan of theirs.  See http://www.looptworks.com/product.php?productid=25&cat=9&page=1.

This is a small suggestion - for the overall approach on how this might fit in to a wider campaign on combating Paper Cup Pollution, please see http://www.jovoto.com/contests/drink-sustainably/ideas/5046

Variations on a theme:

- Something with a soft neoprene interior, but a harder plastic shell on the outside, to further protect the mug.

- A designer leather holder, perhaps a bit like a camera case - apologies to vegetarians.  If you got Gucci or Louis Vuitton to make one, it would probably produce a lot of publicity, even if not many people purchased one.

PS - I am not a designer - if anyone else can produce a picture of a Starbucks Cup in a wetsuit, I'd be eternally in their debt.

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