2Go Cup


That will  be 2Go!

Imagine a future where everyone carried their own coffee cup.

So what prevents people from bringing their own cup? Well, we believe it is the inconvenient size and perceived hassle. Our solution is the 2Go Cup.

An engineered expandable and retractable beverage vessel with a heat resistant bio-plastic shell with a silicone liner, the 2Go Cup holds 12oz of coffee or any other beverage. When fully extended, it stands 6 inches high and grips comfortably in your hand. The base is 2.5 inches wide so it fits into most vehicle cup holders.

We have created several prototypes and we have achieved our goal of significantly reducing the size of a travel mug without compromising safety. In addition, by incorporating  the inner liner we have eliminated the possibility of any leaking.

When the 2Go Cup is empty, the coffee drinker rotates the base clockwise and it minimizes along its inner threading, reducing the cup to a mere 2.7 inches in height. Then the cup, with its leak proof lid, can easily and neatly fit into a coat pocket or a purse. Cleaning is easy.  Simply rinse it out by hand or wash it in your dishwasher.

The 2Go Cup is a significant improvement to the cups that are available on the market today.  It is a novel solution to motivate people to carry their own cups and inspire others to do the same.

The 2Go Cup � a cool alternative to wasteful paper cups or bulky travel mugs