O-Ring Cup


This would be a three or four piece extendible mug.  There would be three or four rings of plastic nested snugly within one another.

The material for the mug would be hard plastic.  It might be nice if the sections were different, complementary colours.

The way that the cup would extend would be through tiny O-rings threaded around "I" shaped lines of plastic moving through small channels in the plastic on the inner pieces.

Or it could be O-ring like material pegs moving within grooves.

The extending motion could be straight up, or diagonal.

There would be a twist-activated locking mechanism.

I don't know whether there would need to be further seals between the sections at the base of each ring - or how this problem has been solved by others.  Perhaps each of the inner rings would have an o-ring like coating on the outside.

This O-ring sliding mechanism works well on an Energiser torch I have which converts into a lantern by extending it.

This is just an idea - but for a more complete look at solving the coffee cup mountain, see:  http://www.jovoto.com/contests/drink-sustainably/ideas/5046

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