bamboo leaf cup


Bamboo leaves are two, one Ashiba (Phragmites australis, also known as reed, perennial herb, born in shallow water.Stem hollow, can be paper-making, weavingmats and so on. Roots can be used as medicine), the other is the skin of bambooleaves (Indicalamus Leaf), Indocalamus (l.NaKai) in latifolius (l.latifolius) leaves,mainly in the hilly area south of the Yangtze provinces in china.
Growth in the vast mountainous region, developed root system, strong vitality,
is not only a good soil and water conservation of vegetation, but also a kind of
inexhaustible wealth, is the mountain people of the "green bank", an area of
200 000 mu, output reached 8,000 tons.
And can be taken year after year, quarter after quarter to be received, as food
packaging, with no pollution and the use of the "one-off." Thus, by today's
nutritionists call "natural green food."

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