Medal-lid  Bronze, Silver, Gold


The concept:


Medal-lids are 3 coin-keeper-and key-chain made of aluminum and shaped as lid.


(the medal-lid is not meant to be used and replace the plastic lid but just an useful icon to carry on, will remind you to return the cup and gain point for the campaign)


The coin keeper is on the bottom part with a magnet in the center (to keep at home as refrigerator magnet) and barcode.


By buying the first lid (Bronze) you start the campaign, your next goal will be Silver and then Gold!


Only the bronze medal is for sell and part of is price will be refund as credit for coffee.


With Golden lid you became a Starbucks-Gold members and this means:


        dedicate cashier line

        private access to hig-speed wireless connection

        discount on starbuks merchandising

        Final annual prize


For each empty cup returned to Starbucks, the client receives points:


the rewarding sistem could be:


Silver=100 cup back

Gold = 300 cup back


After Gold?


After (300 cup returned) I guess that we change already our behavior and keep giving back the paper cup,lids,sleeve.

However, along with the usual rewards The GOLDEN �MEDAL  of the year will win the annual Grand-Prize which could be a Trip for two.


Regarding the customers who bring their own cup, they will have the same privileges to be member, of course, they are the best!


Save millions of wasted paper cup, lid, sleeve, every year!!!