Rim-lock cup


Please note that this is an actual working prototype.  I love finding real solutions, however I personally do not have the rendering skills that could present the product in a more dynamic way.

Rim-lock cup & liner                                              May, 2010


Disposable ultra light weight paper cup with patent pending rim-lock technology.


Rim-lock inner paper liner

-The inner liner is an ultra light, single use, quality paper cup or bag with a waterproof, heat resistant coating and specific measurements as per design.

-The upper rim of the liner is strengthened with a roll up rim or a strip of stiff paper to form an external collar.

- The liners are dispensed as folded flat pack of various sizes. 


Rim-lock plastic cup holder

-The insulated, reusable plastic cup holder has an inward sloping rim that forms a snug seal when the paper inner liner is inserted into the cup and the external collar gently pulled down until secure.

-The base of the plastic cup holder has ventilation holes to ensure use as primarily a cup holder and assist in stack ability/ dispensability and if need be, dry sterilization procedures.


The Rim-lock cup & liner is ready to be filled with liquid and enjoyed.


The external collar provides a hygienic and insulated drinking surface for the consumer. The stiff paper collar could be developed as a future advertising surface or contents check marks.


Standardized plastic brand specific snap on lids presently used with traditional paper cups could be used to close and transport the Rim-lock cups.


A range of personalized �travel type� cup holders could be produced to promote customer brand loyalty.


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