The BetaCup


The BetaCup is a very basic, very thin cup made of a recyclable plastic. Its impermeable and will be provided by the coffee shop. But it can't work by itself, It needs a BetaCup holder.  
The holder will provide rigidity, thermal insulation, portability and an attractive design while The Beta Cup provides a clean and impermeable container for cofee. 

Versatility: A BetaCup holder could have multiple shapes and designs, from a transforming ultra-compact solution to an aluminum and rigid shape.  The best thing is, when designing a BetaCup holder you don't have to worry about impermeability or about it being difficult or even impossible to wash. 
When you finish your coffee just remove The BetaCup and place it in a recycle bin.

Logistics: BetaCup users will have access to a "fast line" at the coffee shop and some offers might be BetaCup exclusive.

Materials: Since The BetaCup is thin and uses very few resources it can be produced with relatively expensive materials like bio-degradable plastic without exceeding current cost.