What we tried to do is find a solution for reducing pollution and the cut down of trees, without forcing people to change their behaviors.

We designed a cup made of a corn-starch based bio-polymer that has excellent product performance properties which are superior to those of similar products in the domestic market:

- water-proof

- oil-proof

- heat-proof

- high melting point

- can be used in microwave


In order to implement the new idea, one has to follow 5 simple steps:

I.                    Use recyclable / easily biodegradable materials and reduce tree cuts. Encourage people to respect nature.

II.                  Don�t raise the costs too much

III.                Don�t force people to change their behaviors

IV.                Make a joy � give, for instance, a second job to the coffee biscuit: make it the cup top!

V.                  Motivate people to encourage it: offer something in exchange (a gift, a donation, a smile � the joy of making it happen).



1.       Waste reduction


As an alternative for plastic/paper, we propose a polymer that is derived from the natural source of corn starch - material of the future.

- 100% biodegradable - it is fully and completely degraded into harmless substances in 15 days in water and in 6 weeks into soil

- the whole process happens without toxic emissions into atmosphere

- it is tasteless and odorless


2.       Resources required


- corn used for starch grows easily in almost all continents and in different climate types

- starch is also extracted from more than 50 plant types, such as potatoes, wheat, rice and cassava

- it can be offered at a very competitive price comparing to products with similar degradability and functionality


3.       Existing Capabilities


- the technological process for producing objects out of it already exists

- traditional plastic manufacturing machines are good enough to product a wide bio-polymer range of products


So, a coffee and biscuit top to go, please!

In  F R I E N D L Y  cup, thank you.

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