3R - Recharge | Reuse | Reward


RRR - Recharge | Reuse | Reward
High Level Summary
A reusable, compressable cup that contains an RFID chip in the base.  The chip would be registered to the customer and would be scanned by an RFID reader every time it was used, allowing the owner to either collect points, or win instant give aways.
The cup would be based on something like 2goCup (http://www.jovoto.com/contests/drink-sustainably/ideas/5116) - no need to reinvent what is already a great idea (Happy to share the prize!).  An RFID chip would be concealed within the base of the cup and at point of initial purchase would be registered to the owner.  Each coffee house would then have a recharge station which quickly cleans the cup and scans the RFID chip in a single process.  The cup is then filled with their drink and they pay the regular cost.  The act of scanning the RFID chip (proximity scanning) would let the serving assistant know if a prize had been won.  It could also be used (with consent) to track customer buying patterns.  Imagine walking into any Starbucks and the assistant says ' Good morning Joe!  The usual?'.  Take it a stage further - free coffee on your birthday!  The chip and supporting system could hold it all.
The cup, at point of initial purchase could also be personalised - perhaps through a clever camera booth that the customers could operate themselves - selecting picture, background, or personalised text.
'Cup-pouch' - To further encourage customers to keep their 3R cup with them, you could supply water-tight pouches which would allow the compressed cups to be stored and attached to a bag or a belt, etc.
It's not just a cup, it's your avoidance of generating 200/300 paper cups worth of waste each year, it's your personalised  cup, it's a membership, it's a chance to save points or win discounts, it's fashionable, it's a statement.
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