The Other day cup


The other day cup concept resumes in a system and a product that give us the possibility to use a cup two or tree turns without the worry of clean, so this cup (in this days I will develop the design)its a kind of a double layer cup, the exterior layer is made of a more resistance bio-polymer  and a removable interior in a vegetable plastic bio-degradable, this interior will have a remove system implemented into the layer.
The other day cup also includes a service were you can change your used layer by another new  and also receive some gifts like a 30 % discount in the next coffee, or a art board made with 365 old paper cups.
  In this last week I will come with the development of the concept and the design,
the next setp is to make development models and also i will bring the other day on-line gift shop example.
Your feedback an comments will be very important. to the direction of this project.