Clay Cups


One of my very favorite things about India. Sometimes the 'developing' world has a lot to teach us. These little clay 'disposable' cups are the norm at all the street stalls. Thrown 'from the hump', it takes a skilled potter about two or three seconds to make each one, and when you finish drinking they're discarded into these basket for recycling in one form or another. Sadly, plastic has found its way into the tea market as well. But here's a secret: coffee and tea tastes better, and stays hotter longer, in the clay cups !!

Clay cups cost anywhere between 1- 10 cents depending on the size and quality , much cheaper than plastic and paper cups . An inner lining of tasteless resin may be used to prevent the clay from affecting the flavor ! the clay cups can be throw away and becomes part of the earth without affecting the environment in anyway . Clay is easily available in most parts of the world , and the whole manufacturing process can be automated or outsourced to developing countries , helping the poor potters there . this initiative would enable Starbucks to be on the forefront of an environmental and social cause !