Leaves Cup


When a person buys coffee to go, it is actually a fact that  this person needs DISPOSABLE cup. Even though you don't want to harm the planet, you might still forget to bring your own cup, or you are too lazy to carry it, or your is too ugly to show it, etc... or after drinking the coffe you dont want to be hanging around with a non.disposable dirty cup... 

So with this concept, the cup is actually thrown away...

The Leaves Cup has this txture that allows you to destroy it. They are little leaves that you are going to enjoy taking them off. That would be like the bubble plastic. You are getting rid of some stress.  

When you are done, or while you are still doing it, you can just release to the air these little leaves. They are biodegradable and easier to decompose than the whole cup. They would take less space in a rubbish bin... but it would be better if you put them in any flower pot or close to a tree or plant, so the plant can actually profit these little leaves, since they are made of natural materials. 

Talking about materials I think this Leaves Cup can be made with natural waste, like corn layer,  bagasse, or like the real leaves we found in the ground when is autum, that's a lot of raw material!...  or what about coffee waste? 

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