BetaCup Green Partners/Ambassadors Program


  • My idea is to setup a BetaCup Green Program that is consisted of an alliance of major coffee houses such as Starbucks and all entities supporting the BetaCup initiative that are concerned about the environment and protecting nature from the increase usage of non-recycled paper cups. 
  • The goal of this program/newly-formed-alliance is to push forward and keep surviving and driving the R&D initiatives in order to find a permanent solution to this problem and planting trees globally to compromise the harm occurring from the huge usage of paper cups. 
  • Funding will come from 'Green Partners'. 
  • The program will fund itself from the sponsored 'Green 'Partners' who will pay and benefit back by spreading more awareness of their brands as brands who are green with social responsibility fresh soul.

  • The program also encourages the membership of coffee drinkers to become an ambassadors and to support the program, while benefiting from relevant offers and promotions.
  • 'Green Partners' (Advertising Partners): Similar to Sports Sponsors where brand's logo of the sponsored partner been printed on players' shirts as a way of Spreading awareness to the brand through the displayed brand logo and a way of a reminder marketing.The equity (value) of the sponsored brand will also be inherited to the BetaCup program. 
  • For example, if UNICEF put its logo on sports team shirts, the team will get more respect as a team who supports humanitarian causes.Green Partners will pay annually to put their logo on coffee paper cups as a sign of care to the BetaCup program.
  • People will respect the 'Green Partner' because they support the program. It is a mutual benefit. These fees paid by Sponsored Green Partners will be the income to make our BetaCup initiative alive.
There will be 2 parts to be printed at the cups. 
  1. One part is the 'Green Partner' Logo and 
  2. The 2nd part is a widget to enable coffee drinkers join the program.
  • The Green Partner Logo comes beside a 2 Dimensional QR Code that represents a call-to-action bridge between coffee drinker and the ambassador's joining process. Instructions to subscribe via SMS is written under the QR Code. The user sends his e-mail address via SMS to receive a follow-up message by e-mail completing his ambassador joining process.
What is a QR Code? 
  • QR is a quick response code that can be scanned via Mobile's camera through the reader software. The resulted encoded output can be one of many call-to-actions:
  1. SMS sending with a pre-set recipient and text. 
  2. Web URL to be accessed from the mobile browser.
  3. Text showing on the screen.
  4. A phone number to be called automatically.
Interaction with the WIDGET & user engagement will occur in 2 easy ways:
  1. Manually sending SMS with the e-mail address to the International Number showing on the code.
  2. Paper Cup Coffee Drinkers will scan the 2D-Barcode (Quick-Response) from usrers mobile phones where the QR reader will automatically open the SMS sending page, with the recipient number already filled. The user needs only to put his e-mail address and hit 'Send'.
QR Readers are available in most recent phones since year 2007. (Available by Default in iPhone, Android Phones, and Symbian). It is also available for download from many providers. (e.g.

  • Additional links:
  • Pepsi QR Campaign (image):
After receiving the SMS from people intended to become ambassadors, segmentation (Profiling) of user' Geo-demographics will be done through analyzing their phone number. (Country Code & Sub-code will show the users country & State/City)
Users will receive an introductory e-mail completing their green ambassador program membership.The membership contains: 
  1. RELEVANT Attractive Offers from nearby advertisers. (Depends on user preference at the time of registration).
  2. Discount Coupons to be used from relevant advertisers. (To be sent by e-mail later).
  3. A virtual membership number & Badge. (This badge will be changed upon the promotion of the user; depending on his activity) 
  4. A link to Like Facebook Page/Twitter Follow (Social Media Integration). 
  5. 1 cup free for a 2nd friend coupons from Starbucks (Can be sent regularly). 
  6. Users who intends to be contacted on their mobile devices can select that. (Program News, Offers, etc.) 
  7. Registered users will be invited to log on the program website, which enables ideas listing, voting and sharing by ambassadors community. Promoted ideas can be a helper force that is parallel to R&D efforts. 
  • Rewards can be set on most active voters to encourage acting/screening on ideas by the community and for the best ambassadors ideas. (similar to
  • Green Ambassadors then will utilize Social Media to spread the word about the Green BetaCup initiative. 
  • Active users will be rewarded especially ones who invite more people to be ambassadors with special ranks. Check Starbucks Foursquare Story as a reference.
  • A study by Harvard Business Review concludes that a customer loyalty incentive of $1 generates around $15.4 of revenue.

  • BetaCup Green Program causes and mission should be clear:
  1. Supporting Research & Development (R&D) to find alternates for using Paper Cups worldwide/Cups waste management.
  2. Planting trees.
  3. Continuously spreading awareness about the cause.
  4. Gathering New Ideas on the cause and allowing people to continuously ENGAGE, Share and vote on ideas. Promoted ideas can be rewarded.
  5. Ambassadors and coffee drinkers should be aware that funding of the program comes from the 'Green Partners'.  This should be clear to encourage more Green partners to advertise.
Most active/proactive ambassadors will be rewarded quarterly/monthly/etc.

Waste Reduction � how does the Idea reduce the number of non-recycled coffee cups thrown away each year?
  • Coffee drinkers will see the green partners brand logo, read about the ambassador program each time they intend to drink a cup of coffee. This will be a great reminder of what problem we face and to participate and support the R&D initiative in addition in to planting trees.
What is the ENGAGING activities for Ambassadors? 
  • Receiving weekly report showing a snapshot of statistics:
  • How many Dollars collected from donations, Green Sponsors. 
  • How many trees planted so far & where. 
  • How many ambassadors so far.
  • Progress of R&D Efforts. 
  • Recruitment of new staff to the R&D organization. 
  • Contributing or initiating ideas in the program website Ideas portal.
  • Donation capability.
Going to the roots is my solution. Planting tress. Lighting a candle on a continuous R&D. Recruiting Ambassadors. Keeping the cause alive. The plan is full of FUN, USEFULNESS and Changes BEHAVIOR of paper cups coffee drinkers.