The Other day cup


The other day cup concept resumes in a system and a product that give us the possibility to use a cup two or tree turns without the worry of clean, so this cup (in this days I will develop the design)its a kind of a double layer cup, the exterior layer is made of a more resistance bio-polymer  and a removable interior in a vegetable plastic bio-degradable, this interior will have a remove system implemented into the layer.
The other day cup also includes a gift service controlled by a on-line community were you can made a lot of things and participate in many humanitarian actions, as well the cup provides the other day cup bracelet that has a chip on it an you can access to your community profile, get karma points any time you go to a coffee shop (of course this action is applied to as many coffee shops as we can get).

About the usage of coffee cups boards  by the companyes to comunicate with therte clients in marketing events, posters, and other stuff, this boards will give a eco-frendly image of the company, sustainble, an it will alert at the same time the world for the waste problem, so its all about ideas, its all about communication.

For the participants in the community they will fill like a important member of this system, be part of a team that actually can change the world.

about the design:

its simple with a good looking aesthetic, we can still work in the colour to give him a more friendly image.
The bottom is easy hand removable (as it is seen in one of the images) and its secure for the liquids because it has a match part that completely closes the gaps.

in conclusion this concept is far from being over but that the main idea, I hope you like it, please rate it and after the contest is closed I will keep working in this project that I think is very rich.