Aircup is an innovative concept offering a replacement to the conventional paper coffee cup. The aims & objectives while designing the new concept were to achieve zero waste and zero environmental pollution during and after use.

In the phase of brainstorming and analyzing we came to the conclusion, that the only way to come up with a worthwhile idea, was to eliminate the use of a one-use-disposable cup.

We focused on the use of a usual porcelain coffee mug and tried to generate ideas which would eliminate the negative features of using it.

Size, volume and weight of a porcelain mug inhibit everyday use and carrying with you.

Aircup answers to the design brief and to the way people drink coffee on the go as it is much much lighter than even the disposable paper cup, it is foldable to 1/10 of the size of any mug or cup, making it very easy to carry in a purse, pocket or similar.

One could either wash it for reuse or it could be collected at the coffee shop and exchanged with a clean one.

The design is done keeping in mind that it should be stable when holding and when standing on a surface, either being full of coffee or empty.

Manufacturing is rather simple, as it doesn�t need moulds of any kind, because it can be made by die cutting a surface material and welded together with a standard blowing nozzle.

The material is a biodegradable non toxic, tasteless and odorfree equivalent to PVC, which would last enough for several uses and would degrade after a short time period without any toxic or other polluting residues.

edg designlab Ltd., Athens, Greece,

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