CUPA - Green & Convenient


Description of idea:

CUPA is a concept that motivates coffee to go drinkers to act greener by rewarding them with convenience, saved time and less hassle.


There�s always been a great alternative to paper to go cups: Personal, stainless steel to go mugs. They�re great but few people seem to use them. With CUPA, we take this idea several steps further to a coffee experience that is simply beating the paper cup in convenience.


The CUPA cup consists of two parts: The stainless steel top is exchanged for a freshly washed one with every new coffee. This saves customers the hassle to wash the cup or reuse it dirty and disgusting. The base of the cup always stays with the customer and can be used as identification and for prepaid payment. Because the cup pays directly, the customer does not have to stand in line at the cashier but can scan his cup directly with the barista.

The concept thus addresses what we researched to be some of the core interests of coffee to go drinkers: Time, convenience and cleanliness� and saving the planet without restricting the coffee to go experience.

We recommend you watch the short video clip showing how Markus uses CUPA! Thanks for rating & feedback. 

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