The idea proposes that disposable coffee cups containers will be received at any major coffee retailers available for the purpose of recycling. The incentive to motivate users for collecting their own or other's cups is a Lottery / Sweepstakes entry with rewards.

Disposable coffee cups containers will be slightly more expansive (optional) than reusable coffee cups in order to discourage the general use of them and to finance the Sweepstakes entry.


Customers who purchase a recyclable disposable coffee cups will be notified that a barcode number is affixed to the cup and that they should return the cup in order to enter the Sweepstakes.


Each purchase will activate the Barcode number. The activation number will dormant until rescanned upon the reinstate of the used cup to the coffee shop.


After drinking the coffee, the customer will return his empty container at any coffee shop available in the arrangement. His cup will be scanned. After submitting his cell phone number he will get a Sweepstakes entry. The used cup will be collected and recycled by the coffee shop.

In case of winning, the customer will receive an SMS message announcing his winnings.

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