A {smaller} Cup


The solution of the future will involve new manufacturing techniques, new materials and a change in consumer behavior. These changes will take time.

A {smaller} Cup  focuses on a small change that can be implemented today with immediate savings.

A {smaller} Cup reminds us that the correct order of the 4R's:

  1. Reduce - Source reduction, use only what is needed
  2. Reuse - Further extract value out of spent materials and energy
  3. Recycle - Reclaim a portion of materials and energy
  4. Rot - Compost and return to the Earth
The proposed change is simple. Reduce each dimension slightly to reduce existing paper usage.

Changes should be minimal such that they are nearly transparent to the customer. 

In this example, the cup is 3% shorter overall, and the base is 5% narrower. A tagline such as "Will you save our planet by having just three less sips?" could be used.

All existing cup sizes would be reduced by 3%. This is a policy change that Starbucks would mandate.

This is not a solution for the future, but will give us more time to develop one.
Roland Saekow 2010