your CUP = FEE for you = FEE for Nature

 The waste problem of paper cups is not only due to the excessive use of paper cups, but also its less programmed waste management. Therefore, it is required a program not only to campaign for reducing use of paper cups but also to invite waste management from paper cups. CUPFEE is a program that persuades people to manage and to reduce waste of paper cups. This campaign is an idea about our sensitivity to sustainable environment which changes behavior at massive scale.

This program uses the media that we call CUPFEE Big Bin. It is a big trash bin or a special drop box for paper cups. Fee will be given to them who have passion to throw away paper cups there. By entering a paper cup into the trash, not only we get a fee, but also we contribute to nature. Fun, yes of course this CUPFEE is fun. CUPFEE also invite the children to collect the waste paper cups in addition to people who consume coffee (adults). CUPFEE Big Bin provides a drop box for the kids as high as their bodies on the front side of it, while the right and left side are adult drop boxes.

People are going to feel the sensation of getting their fee because of the paper cups, while they will also contribute to nature. CUPFEE Big Bin is designed to be able to drain the water mechanically as paper cups enter. It is capable of accommodating 1000 paper cups. Later Starbucks crews will routinely collect them every day, so the container will always be able to accommodate the optimum number. Starbucks crews will collect and recycle them. The recycling product of paper cups will be used as construction material of CUPFEE Big Bin, so a cycle process, isn�t it?

Large bins are designed to accommodate paper cups at the same time care of a tree. CUPFEE Big Bin is going to be placed in city parks and special places in city to attract attention. It is a marketing step for the Starbucks, because it can be branded with an intelligent manner. If it is performed on many trees in the city and public areas, it will be a Starbucks�s brand media. Starbucks is going to be a pioneer as a company that is very sensitive in managing waste products, serving its consumers, and responding the environment.

CUPFEE is proposed to be a CSR program of Starbucks in the field of environment and its seriousness in reducing the waste-paper cups. Why Corporate Social Responsibility? CUPFEE is a concern of products, customers, and the environment. Starbucks will collect waste from their own products so as not to interfere with other garbage and become a great issue. Furthermore, Starbucks is going to recycle its own trash. Starbucks cares consumers by giving payback for each cup to be returned. We know that if we buy a take away use the paper cup, we would get more expensive price. Now it is an approach for consumers that the price will be replaced on CUPFEE return by dropping the cup into Big Bin. For the environment, CUPFEE Big Bin reflects a company who treats environment by serving water to nature with a designed system in it to support tree growth. By supplying 500-1000 CUPFEE Big Bin, Starbucks can be the first who conducts a well waste products management that can be expected to be able to reduce waste of this paper cups in a massive scale.

drop your CUP, grab your COINS


From Indonesia for Nature and mankind...

Biga Nuradesa

Mutiara Yuki


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