Fold - Count - Reward


The �Fold � Count � Reward� cup system is an integrated approach towards a more sustainable product cycle. The combined components include:

  • foldable cup: Like a telescope the cups can be expanded and � more importantly � downsized after they have been used. A lid will make sure that no leftovers can drop out of the cup while it�s being carried around in the customers� bags etc.
  • return incentives: A common reward system is combined with the idea of a deposit. The lids are numbered, for example from 1 to 5. When buying their first cup of coffee, the customers get a �1�-cup. After returning this first cup and ordering a new hot beverage, they will get a �2�-cup etc. etc. after they arrive at �5�, for example, they get some kind of reward like a free cup of coffee. Also, if you don�t have a used cup in return for your newly ordered one, there should be a surcharge to establish this deposit system for new customers.

  • material: as a further option, the material of the cups should be �green�, i.e. more sustainable than commonly used materials like regular plastic or paperboard

  • logistics: the minimized cups have an ideal form to be transported and stored in tubes. This is a very space saving option to integrate the cup system into the store concept, for example by installing those tubes at the counter for the baristas to easily take and fill the cups.

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