"Bread Coffee Cup"


Inspired by the "bread bowl" soups, which use bread as a container to hold hot liquid soup, this same concept can be used for the "bread cup." Drink your coffee, latte, hot chocolate, or other favorite hot beverage, then eat the "cup." No waste like the typical container, such as paper or plastic cups, which are not washable or re-usable. In addition to being 100% natural and completely environmentally friendly, they are also perfect as a delicious meal or quick, easy snack. Advantages to the "Bread Cup" - - 100% Natural! No waste! The ultimate "Green" coffee cup! - Made from French bread (soft inside, but with a hard outer crust, which is able to contain the contents.) - No need for a cardboard "sleeve". A minimal paper sleeve, ("cupcake-type" wrapper, wax paper) can be used for hygienic purposes. - Combines bread and coffee in one to make your breakfast (or anytime snack) easy, delicious, and "one-hand" friendly. - Bite the bread, drink the coffee. The ultimate quick meal or snack! - Different varieties of bread can complement different beverages and create greater variety and versatility.

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