Coffee Cup Tree


The Coffee Cup Tree is meant to promote sustainable behavior and awareness as a fun and interactive installation that grows over time while people skewer their cups on the branches.  This simple piece has a "trunk" made from a large wooden dowel and sturdy replaceable branches made from recycled coffee cups.  
The idea being that a person can pierce their empty coffee cups onto this large tree like structure seeing in real-time the impact they are having.  In addition, by stacking the cups we are able to reduce the amount of space taken up in the trash and reuse the otherwise unrecycleable coffee cups. Once a particular branch is full it can be removed, and a new one put in its place. All with the hopes that people will begin switching over to personal mugs.Placed in front of a store, such as Starbucks, the Coffee Cup Tree is sure to draw attention to both the store as well as the cause--improving sustainable behavior and practices.  The Coffee Cup Tree also opens a dialogue with customers, inviting them to actively engage in the topic, the Starbucks brand and their environment.