The Wall


� Doing the right thing is a reward for itself�
Belonging to a community as big as a city submerges everydayheroes in anonymity. The goal of this concept is to recognize, withoutpinpointng or embarrassing them, even the smallest effort in doing the right thing. Responsible coffee drinkers do not need economicrewards to behave right. They should be recognized and awarded.
The WALL is the physical representation of a Starbucks - Shop -Community. All members are present on it through light � bricks �that symbolize their efforts towards more sustainable coffee-drinking.To become a member the user takes or purchases his own favoritecup and lets it be marked with the users ID ( barcode ), whosefirst award is a �Brick on the Wall �
Everytime the new � responsible � coffee drinker brings his cup,the barcode is scanned and the brick is updated. When a personbrings his cup every day for a period of say 90 days, his brick glowsbright and displays � 0 �. This shows that he has not missed a singleday. And when the user fails to bring his cup the count goes up andshows the number of days he has failed.
The members are encouraged to wash their own cups and Starbucksoutlets should provide provisions for the same. This would save a lotof water and energy.
The bricks subtly state the good deed performed by the memberand allow the member to feel a sense of pride andrecognition.  

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