Reversible Cup


When designing the Reversible Cup, we focused on addressing, what we think are the bigger barriers a customer reaches when trying to incorporate a reusable coffee cup for his daily routine.

We think those barriers are:

·        Bulky to carry

·        Difficult to wash

So, our design is focused on implementing a new design that incorporates to the old known Reusable Coffee Cup, this 2 majors concern.

When we start drawing, we were clear that the more efficient way to promote the reuse, it wasn�t going to be possible, if we didn�t reduced the size of the cup when wasn�t filled with beverage. We all were convinced that a collapsible cup must be the better way, and then the washable problem appeared. So we came with the only solution we think fits when trying to solve the problem of washing a tall and angular cup: make it reversible.

Once we have our principal idea, we added some features to make more enjoyable the whole experience, like the White Board, 100% Microwave Safe Materials, etc.


Principal Material: Silicone that offers:

·        Microwave Safe

·        Anti-Slip Outside

·        Dishwasher Safe

·        Won�t absorb odors and flavors

·        Light Weight

·        Durable � Long Lasting

·        Easy to clean, because is a low adhesion material

·        Flexible and Unbreakable

·        Non-toxic and Non-fixed bacteria or fungi

·        Thermal material which maintains the temperature without transferring heat to the hand

Second Material : Food Grade Plastic:

·        Microwave Safe

·        Dishwasher Safe

·        Durable

·        Rigid

·        Anti-Slip

·        Non-toxic


The idea was to create a cup combining, a flexible material that can be foldable, and reversible, with a couple of solids rings, that will give the cup not just extra strength and prevent the silicone cup from folding during use, but also will guide the silicone to his foldable position.



It can be folded to customized different sizes.

It doesn�t keep odors and flavors.

Insulate the heat

Hermetic Closer

100% Microwavable

Easy to wash and dry

Not all the customers finish their coffees at the store, so the Reversible Cup, give you the chance not just to folded to a smaller size, what also you can take it to the office, and re heated it, as it is design with 100% microwave safe materials, and then reverse it, wash it with water, dry it with paper or a towel, folded it, perfectly cleaned and dried, and fit it in your pocket or bag.