You + cup


our goal 

to discourage usage of disposable cups minimize the change to people�s behavior / pattern and additional cost to each cup of coffee.

our design is to simplify the existing design of reuseable cup but mainly focus on optimizing the process of recycling. here are the reasons:

existing reusable cup design issues

- weight
- complicated structure causes cleaning problem
- size

existing recycling process

- frequent cleaning requires, not suitable for busy /
 lazy people
- have to bring a empty cup during every visit, not suitable   for people who have bad memories or group gathering or   multiple visits

our cup design solution

+  alluminum can maxmize the possibilities of lightening   up the weight, especially for multiple order
+  simple line, minimalism design cup body to avoid stain to    be traped, silicon cup lid allow users press in to seal tight
  in one second. ideal for dishwasher with no hand detail    cleaning requirement.

our optimized recycling solution

+  with  our goal of respecting people�s behavior, 
  we don�t suggest  people to use      madatory reusable cups by simply selling reusable    cups and eliminating disposable cups, but instead     provide cleaning service to majorly change the means of    recycling,

  option 1: outsource the cleaning job to a cleaning  specialist / comppany
  option 2: each starbucks store runs its own cleaning  service by installing cleaning & sanitizing device.
+  everytime when you  walk in to a store, go to the self-   serve counter next to the entrance, grab a freshly washed    cup & a marker to mark down your own preference /    favorite drink on the body of the cup (instruction of    taking your own order will be displayed on the wall.) then     go to express lane to pay for your order. (as a encourage   ment of using reusable cup, a express lane will be  provided in each store.)
+  when you reach the order coutner, there�s no need to explain your picky preference and spell your name again    since you will mark everything down on the cup, now the    starbucks staff will scan your bar code located at the    bottom of the cup & your starbucks rewards card.
  then, a cup deposit fee & the cost of the coffee will  be charged to your account, the washable barcode will keep track of the ownership of the cup. you now have 4    options:

  1.keep the cup as your personal cup, the simple cup   design will make your cleaning more enjoyable.
  2.return your cup while next time you go get you coffee.
  3.return your cups whenever you drive by starbucks
  4.return your cups by getting a prepaid return label when    you get the coffee & dropping off at the FedEx box, which    are availible at most office buildings. 

  after the cup being returned,  your deposit will be clear    from your account.
+  you will be only charged for the cleaning fee & the    average cup usage cost 






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