VentEair. inflatable. collapsible. portable.


To introduce a new sustainable cup without obstructing Starbuck's
existing infrastructure or consumer habits.

Inspired by forms in nature, space-saving inflatable products, as well
as high-pressure inflatable technology. VentEair nano-engineers
high-pressure inflatable technology within air-chambers, inflating a
coffee cup from a deflated flat-pack. The woven fabric implements
carbon-fiber in a micro-weaving manufacturing process to produce the
strongest yet thinnest fabric holding high-pressure air in a skeletal
frame. VentEair is contained in an attractive key chain case. The base
contains a small �female� receptor nozzle for inflation at any
Starbucks store.  The base once inflated, flares out at the rim,
keeping the same dimensions of the Starbucks Venti Cup. The same
standard recyclable lids will snap on the top rim.  The base is
significantly smaller, allowing it to become a key-chain fob. Similar
to an air-filled double window glazing, the air provides a thermal
break between hot and cold liquids, eliminating the need for any
additional sleeves.  VentEair relies on economies of scale and service
plans to supplement the costs of creating the new technology.

The most frequent Starbucks Card Users will be given VentEair cups to
replace their cards (and paper cups)  These Betacup testers will be
rewarded for their loyalty with initial free and discounted service
helping to refine the process.  The business model is similar to
mobile phone service plans, in which a high tech device in included in
a service plan, or can be purchased as a prepaid Starbucks card.
Starbucks locations will be fitted with a service machine which
inflates the discreet compressed cup then sanitizes with the Steam
Wand.  Drinks are conventionally made and topped with the current
recyclable lid. The early-adopting customers will generate buzz within
curious observers and provide word-of-mouth advertising.

VentEair allows consumers to take part in waste reduction without
changing consumer habits. Using the success of the Starbucks Card
model, customers now have a key chain pendent (which protects the
deflated cup) instead of the plastic Card. The pendant is assigned to
the consumer, which can be prepaid, integrate new �service plans�

The customer places the order and hands over the compressed cup from
- Hide quoted text -the pendant. The barista records the order by scanning VentEair then
places it on the male connection air compressor. The skeletal air
chambers instantly fill to create the cup's form. Steam Wand cleans
the formed chalice, drinks are then conventionally made and capped
with the lid. The cup can be taken to go, rinsed and deflated back
into case. The liquid beads off the high tech fibers, making it
possible to wipe down or shaken dry in lieu of washing.

Time is saved by eliminating money exchanges, and the customer is
satisfied by contributing to the reduction of wasted resources.