Champion Cup



The answer is not another cup. Disposable coffee cups are better recycled than in a landfill. But wouldn't it be better not to have to make them in the first place? That will require some behavior chance.

Champion Cup is not a(nother) travel mug. It's not a disposable recyclable cup, either. But it sure could change the way you drink your coffee (and water, and juice, and any other drink that normally comes packaged).

Champion Cup is a platform which makes it easy to see just how much good your travel mug/water bottle/thermos is doing. Imagine knowing that your humble sippy cup saved a tree, and that all you had to do to save another was to keep bringing it with you.

It's easy:

  • Step 1. Tag your travel mug
  • Step 2. Register your mug online
  • Step 3. Use it to pay (and pay less as you're re-using)
  • Step 4. Check out how many cups you're saving!
The Champion Cup shouldn't be Starbucks' own - it should be independent and used by all major retailers, and cheap to use for independent coffee shops. Anyone could build on it too - an iPhone app, interactive drinking fountain or even a travel mug that rewards you for doing the right thing.

Of course, we need to keep making better drinks containers, and disposable cups that are easier to recycle. But how do we know that we are making a difference?

Before you can change, you need to measure.

Thanks for reading, and comment if you have any questions!

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