Mea Pulpa


MEA PULPA is an innovative new reusable cup design that takes advantage of molded paper pulp technology to produce a cup that is ecologically better and improves the overall drinking experience.

By making a takeaway cup out of molded paper, we can produce a cup that is formed form recycled material...including the lid.  While typical cardboard cups necessitate a vacuum-formed plastic lid, the design for MEA PULPA takes advantage of the benefits of a molded cup to allow mutual attachment with a molded paper pulp lid.  MEA PULPA can be left uncoated to preserve its recyclability or can be coated with biodegradable, starch-based polymers to produce a reusable, biodegradable design.

Molded paper pulp can be used to provide a more durable design than old, cardboard cups.  MEA PULPA combines this with a promotional system that promotes reuse.  The basic concept is that the cup can be either stamped or an included barcode can be scanned to keep track of the number of times it's been reused.  Once reused five times, it can be surrendered for composting in return for a free cup of coffee (or whatever reward is deemed appropriate).

Beyond the ecological impacts, the use of molded paper pulp allows MEA PULPA to give the user a drinking experience that is a vast improvement over ordinary cardboard cups.  The lid attachment in MEA PULPA is formed well-below the rim of the cup, and its lid is designed to fit inside the cup, rather than over its lip.  A similar concept is used in plastic travel mug lids to reduce spills, but has yet to find its way into a disposable cup. 

In addition, the molded pulp design allows for the elimination of the impossible-to-seal seam found in rolled cardboard cups, further reducing drips, leaks and spills.  Molded paper pulp is also thicker than cardboard, allowing MEA PULPA to be self-insulating, which keeps the beverage warmer longer and eliminates the need for an additional protective sleeve.

MEA PULPA bridges the gap between travel mugs and today's throwaway cardboard cup.  It is convenient, reusable, and a pleasure to use. 

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