Loyalty Loop


58 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away, unrecycled, each year. Our solution aims to disrupt the current system in the least possible way by focussing on recycling existing cups instead of redesigning the cup. The Loyalty Loop does does this by creating a new loyalty and recycling business opportunity. The solution aims to incentivize all participants in the cup�s life cycle.



1. Existing coffee shop chains and individual shops sign up as a Loyalty Loop (LL) partner. The green impact that the system promises is the obvious motivating factor. Not being a partner would prevent Loyalty Loop members from using their services.

2. Once a LL member places an order, he swipes his LL card to link the purchase to his account.

3. All cups pertaining to the specific order are then scanned with an RFID scanner. The printed static RFID tags on the cups are then linked to the specific user�s account.

4. Low cost specifically marked bins are dispersed all over dense populated areas as well as in an around participating shops. The bins have keyed openings to prevent contamination of other disposable items.

5. Bins are emptied regularly and taken to a dedicated cup recycling plant. The cups are offloaded on large conveyer belts that pass through a RFID scanning area.  All cups passing through this area are scanned and LL members are awarded with points. These points can be redeemed in various ways at participating shops.

6. The recycled material is used to produce disposable items that are re-used at participating shops.




Loyalty Points

Responsible Consuming

Contributing to a better environment


Participating Coffee Shops

Responsible Commerce

Contributing to a better environment

Using recycled materials

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