Grow your Own


What if...

...there were 5 simple steps to a healthier lifestyle? Well here they are:

1. Poke through the 4 holes marked at the centre of the lid
2. Cut along the dotted line and place at the base of the cup
(ensuring the holes face upwards)
3. Place the compost disc inside the cup and fill with water
4. After the cup is filled with compost place the seed mat on the surface
5. Sprinkle some compost over the seeds and pour on a touch more place the cup in a sunny spot and relax, you have just started to grow your very own natural, healthy food! Yes, it really is that easy!

Oh, and don�t forget to...

1. Support farmers by buying local, organic produce. Think about where your food comes from, and how it may affect your body.
2. Learn how to cook using fresh produce; it will improve your health AND save you money!
3. Grow your own food! Not only will it cut your weekly food bill but it will educate you towards a more rewarding lifestyle...imagine hand picking your own salad and putting it on the plate seconds doesn�t get any tastier than that!


Coffee to Grow is a sustainable solution that addresses the socio-economic issues identified in the future of food production and management within the urban environment, and with health care and individual well-being.

Educating consumers about the benefits of fresh, organic produce does not have to impose change to their existing lifestyles.With a simple modification to the lid, a takeaway coffee cup can become a tool for promoting behaviour change, demonstrating how easy it can be to grow your own food...even on the window sill in the office where you work!After finishing your coffee, the cup can be turned into a plant pot ready to grow food in just a few minutes by following some simple steps. All you need is a pen or pencil to poke a few holes, a pair of scissors to cut the lid to provide drainage support, and some water to allow the coir disc to soak up and expand.

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